Artist’s Statement

suzanne moore“Each of our unfolding paths is a fusion of our planned journey and the unexpected encounters that offer depth, color, intensity, even chaos – gentle or otherwise to our experience. How may we embrace those uncertainties, as a passage to richer dimensions of experience? What lies beyond our immediate reach, knowledge and comprehension that we can conjure into transformative energy? Highway or labyrinth, the mystery of that which is “just beyond” the visible holds rich potential to each maker. The human hand, and the marks that record traces of life, in word and image are the core of my explorations. The mark of the hand is a human cardiogram, a tracing of a moment, a place and an experience. Color and form, scale, texture and movement are essential keys to presenting each concept in a distinct way.

I see books as interactive places: portable spaces created to engage and offer readers new perspectives. Each book offers the viewer an architectural space in which to explore ideas, escape, be delighted, comforted, enlightened or challenged. The reader of artists’ books is required to touch the art, minimizing the distance between maker and viewer over time and space.”