Presentations & Workshops

suzanne moore

Illustrated Presentations

Tradition and Transformation: Confessions of a Bookie
A visual tour of selected manuscripts and edition book works.

Dynamic Collaboration: One Painter’s Perspective
Illuminating the Saint John’s Bible

Scheherazade: Woman of Persia
The making of a commissioned manuscript book about the brilliant and courageous, Scheherazade, weaving the layered stories of music, art, design and dance.

Much Ado about Nothing: Creating the edition “Zero . Cypher of Infinity”
Designing the variant edition, based on two commissioned manuscript books, presenting the many faces of the digit Zero.

Additional presentations are available. Please inquire.


Weekend workshops and extended classes on lettering abstraction, book design, collage, surface design, and techniques used in the creation of manuscript books have been a part of my practice since the 1980s, and I continue to grow and invent new subjects and ways of teaching to enrich student experiences and create classes that encourage individual explorations.

Teaching has taken me to many places in North America, as well as to Europe, Asia and Australia. Invitations to teach in-person classes are welcomed.

Online Teaching

A variety of classes are offered through BookPaperThread: learn@bookpaperthread, and classes can be designed and arranged for you guild or group.